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Image by Annie Spratt


The Light Group is not only interested in the impact of art, but also focuses on art's history, contextualising it in a way that engages with young people and brings it back to life.

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The aim of our research papers, is to provide our associates with real experience on writing research papers, academic or not. Our research papers can be found on J Stor, and Google Scholar. 

Image by Shunya Koide

The Light Group Fund 


The Light Group Fund seeks to generate a long-term return, with an emphasis on sustainability* investments, by primarily investing in mid-sized companies with under 1 billion in market cap.

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The Light Group magazine, is a monthly magazine that provides our external community with context and information on the development and progression of The Light Group. The magazine will be released and published on a monthly schedule.



We are developing the blueprint of a sustainable, and ecological cognizant  cryptocurrency.  

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